E90 hifi vs logic 7

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E90 hifi vs logic 7

Wondering what the difference is between all the audio options and speakers for BMW? BMW speaker placement. Please note: The base and Hi-Fi options will not have the full amount The base system does not include an amplifier.

The base system, as the name suggests, is the most basic audio option for BMWs. That should be evidence enough that even casual music fans would be best advised to steer clear of this option. Tweeters are nowhere to be found here which can be observed by the missing mesh tweeter grilles inboard of the side mirrorsresulting in music that will likely sound dull.

Logic7/HK (677/688) add-a-sub harness/LOC

There is no dedicated amplifier either; instead, the head unit itself is responsible for the amplification, further reducing audio quality and maximum audio output. This may result in a lack of sufficient volume, and wishing you could turn it up more than your BMW allows you.

Towards the end of the volume scale you may start experiencing distortion, so you might want to refrain from going all the way up. The BimmerTech Alpha One speaker upgrade. Adding an aftermarket BMW amplifier alongside tweeters as part of a replacement speaker kit will make a drastic difference to the audio quality in your vehicle. Higher series vehicles with the HiFi option will also include an additional midrange speaker for the center-channel dash.

In addition to the replacement amplifier's improved performance, the bit DSP with band graphic EQ gives far more flexibility than the limited power of the stripped back factory equalizer.

Speakers for this audio option are considerably better than for the base stereo option. Top-HiFi is the best audio option out of all standard three and is branded as Harman Kardon in all the newer models, with option code SA. However, the difference between these setups is primarily one of branding, with all sharing a similar layout which has been described below.

Two underseat woofers, and 7 mid-ranges along with 7 tweeters.

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One pair is installed in the front deck, while the remaining can be found in the rear deck and four doors. The amplifier in the Top-HiFi system has 10 channels of which 9 are active and is connected to the head unit by a fiber optic cable.

2004 - 2007 BMW OEM Radio Amp Factory Logic 7 Audio Amplifier HS 7506

Whereas the older Top-HiFi system SA was available across the lineup, since teaming up with Harman Kardon, BMW has adjusted how it distributes stereo systems across its range of models. This more basic system SA lacks the fiber optic audio cables and more capable amplifier of the Top-HiFi system. The quality and specifications of your car audio, including how many watts in the Harman Kardon sound system, depends on whether your vehicle is equipped with the more premium SA system or the entry-level SA system.Remember Me?

How good is HiFi Sound system compared to the Logic 7? I'm in between two really great deals on two e92 i. One has Logic 7 but it's an xdrive, and the other one has HiFi but sports package and miles.

What are your comments??

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Appreciate 0. Major General. Originally Posted by luxun While there is no question that the Logic 7 system is better, the Hi-Fi system in the models thru Item is really quite good. I own a i with Logic 7, and a i with Hi-Fi sound system.

I have a i e93 on order for ED will replace i ; comes with Hi-Fi sound as base system, and based on my experience with both sound options, I am sticking with that and not upgrading. If you really want Sport Package, that may be the deciding factor for you. I had Logic 7 in my and don't on my 07' i. Granted this is two different cars so its no apples to apples but the 7 is a little bit better but when I found what I wanted and that was the only delete I had to relent on that issue and really find the base set up quite good.

I would have ordered Logic from the factory but like others Im not sure its really worth the money. If you like your urban music to be "felt", neither set up will do this.

Sound is subjective so everyone has a differnt opinion on what sounds "good' or acceptable. I am a bit of an audiophile and have a pretty good ear, but in reality its "What I like" that counts. In short Base system is very good, Logic 7 is not quantum leap. Brigadier General. Originally Posted by Bargamon. I'm trying to clarify some thoughts here. I'm looking at ordering a coupe, and am trying to decide on the HK upgrade.

I believe this was the base stereo, and my CD's did not sound good. The HD radio was acceptable, but not on par with what I'd expect.

e90 hifi vs logic 7

I didn't tweak the system much with the salesman with me, but would be interested on other feedback regarding the base system. There are a lot of comments about HIFI sound in this thread, is that the upgraded system being referred to.

Bu I don't know what's changing about the architecture of the system, if anything. I don't know, and I suspect no salesperson on a BMW lot does either.

My HiFi system was much better than base audio. If you're going to go aftermarket upgrade anyway, save the money and get base audio, now that we know how to recode. I'm still confused. So, where does the 'HI FI' come into play.

I don't see this as an option.Skip to main content. Include description. AMG 53 Items BMW Items Harman Kardon 21 Items Land Rover 26 Items Mercedes-Benz Items No Warranty 43 Items Unspecified Length Items New 6 Items 6. Used 1, Items 1, Please provide a valid price range. Buying Format. All Listings. Buy It Now. Item Location. Canada Only. North America. Delivery Options. Free International Shipping.

Free In-store Pickup. Free Local Pickup. Show only.These audio systems are major departures from the systems in E36 and E46 3-series vehicles, and the potential for performance is much greater, if one is aware of the system specifics. This document is not intended to advocate any one upgrade path versus another — it is descriptive, not prescriptive.

It does not address iDrive features. That is to say, which head unit is present does not affect which audio system is present. This will be described in more detail in the System Architecture section. The head unit uses MOST to connect to other devices such as Sirius tuners when external to the head unitiPod interfaces, and Bluetooth handsfree modules.

Harman Kardon vs Hi-Fi vs Aftermarket Upgrade for BMW

Stereo A US-model Stereo system can be easily identified by looking at the top of the door panel, inboard of the side mirrors. If there are no tweeter grilles present there, the vehicle has Stereo audio. The iDrive head unit has slightly more power than the Professional CD player, but both are limited in performance and can be thought of as having similar output as an aftermarket CD player.

This equalization curve is fixed at all volume settings. Hi-Fi A Hi-Fi system can be identified by the presence of tweeter grilles at the top of the front door, inboard of the sail panels, but without a center channel speaker in the dashboard, and by simple bass and treble tone controls in the head unit. The head unit sends analog front and rear analog signals to the Hi-Fi amplifier. These signals are balanced-differential, and have a 5V maximum. They are not processed, equalized, or crossover-filtered, other than a slight auto-loudness feature which is not objectionable and should not be corrected.

e90 hifi vs logic 7

The subwoofer channel outputs are derived within the amplifier from these signals. In sedans and coupes, the amplifier is under a plastic cover which snaps off.

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The Hi-Fi Audio system has been called the easiest to upgrade, because the balanced signal can be used by several good-quality aftermarket amplifiers, because the signal from the head unit is not processed, and because the tweeter trim is already present in the vehicle.

The purpose of Logic 7 processing is to create a sense of ambience, and to let both front-seat passengers have a similar stereo experience. Its effectiveness in this implementation is not a topic for this document. Underseat woofers All E9x have similar underseat woofer provisions.

In most of the Stereo cars, the woofers are glued into place, although they are removable. System Architecture Stereo A US-model Stereo system can be easily identified by looking at the top of the door panel, inboard of the side mirrors. Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Tab content1.Thanks to our superior knowledge of everything BMW and an unparalleled level of attention to detail, the Alpha One speaker system came out of the shadows and onto the market.

With various EQ, crossover and delay settings, you can truly personalize your audio experience by finely tuning your music to your exact taste.

We designed a special BMW harness and bracket for our Amplifier that makes installation quick and simple. Simply remove the stock speakers and pop in the new Alpha One Speakers in the same way. Most of that time is needed to remove and replace the trim, since the amplifier and speakers themselves are truly plug and play.

Our audio upgrades were designed by sound engineers that are truly passionate about music. You might think an audio upgrade is usually limited to upgrading the speakers, and maybe throwing in a subwoofer for extra bass.

Our aftermarket speakers for BMW and audio amplifier retrofit can make a world of difference to your car's sound system. But what should you buy first for great car audio?

You drive a BMW F30 i or different engine. Fantastic choice. A digital signal processor DSP is exactly what the name suggests: signal processing done digitally. This is a major difference in sound quality. The amp came coded and fully plug and play. The install was easy and support was great. I was also impressed with the after-sales service and would gladly recommend BimmerTech products. The installation was easy and quick with the help of [the instructional] YouTube video.

The sound improvement is very good and the bass now is strong and so much clear! All the services are top quality! And there is nothing to say about their service — the best service in the world and the fastest delivery, I highly recommend their products. Upgrading from the BMW factory speakers to our Alpha One kit will make a huge difference to the quality of the sound in your vehicle.

We use premium materials and a carefully honed design for improved clarity and performance, giving a more refined, enjoyable sound. Owners of vehicles with a basic factory stereo — without tweeters or a separate amplifier — will notice an even greater improvement when adding both components to their system with our Alpha One kit and Premium Audio System.

The Alpha One speakers are a marked step up from any other plug-and-play speaker kit on the market; both our speakers and amplifier are meticulously designed from the ground up for optimal performance in your BMW, for a truly remarkable sound out of the box.Remember Me?

Does anyone know the major differences? The CA I talked to said the standard system is made by Harmon Kardon, but without the name plates and the only major difference is that the upgraded system has premium Logic 7 surround-sound.

I find this hard to believe. Just trying to understand the spec differences. Edit: Title should say standard "hifi". Appreciate 0. Private First Class. Originally Posted by Bills Oil Company.

e90 hifi vs logic 7

Appreciate 1. Brigadier General. Originally Posted by tqbmw. Attached Images. Appreciate 4. Minnie Enlisted Member. I demoed the HK Logic and it was outstanding even at higher volume levels. First Lieutenant. Originally Posted by jcc Appreciate 2.

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Originally Posted by bigdaveindubai. Originally Posted by AndroidRobot. I'll defintely do on my next car.

Originally Posted by like2short. For what it's worth, my hifi system sounded subpar for the first few days and I've researched some replacement amps and speakers. However, I was surprised how much better it sounds now. I believe there is a break in period.Remember Me? I previously owned an e90 i, which had the factory Logic 7 sound system. This system was amazing.

2007 BMW 335i Logic 7 Speakers / Professional radio

It was a really big issue for me when purchasing my new car; I had to have the upgraded Sound system. Well now I am super confused. I cant find out what system my new e92 has. I cant find the invoice for my car to simple see what options my car was built with.

So what does my car have? Is HiFi the same as L7? So I went to BMWusa. But once clear the setting the speakers disappear. Now, this is the confusing part.

My car has the speakers on the door near the mirrors, speakers in the front door and 2 speakers in the rear on the side. What system do I have? Attached Images. Appreciate 0. Lieutenant General. What MY is this? Mine is an 09, customized a Not sure. Hmm, idk then. I remember reading somewhere that the HiFi system doesn't have a center channel and I don't know why the basic would have one if the HiFi doesn't.

Originally Posted by Technic. Major General. What amp did you use? Did you have to add line converters for your amp or any signal processing? Was it a DIY install? Originally Posted by ctuna. Nice job Thanks for the reply. I thought I had a "standard" system because it sounds like shit, but I guess Base Audio is even shittier!


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